First list of Features

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Sealant gasket

Special PVC foam gasket.
• Using increased width makes a complete
and uniform sealing throughout whole flange area.
• Special EPDM black gaskets are also available for high temperature and special

Internal supports

• All internal supports like top anchor, bottom anchor and roof
support plate are made from same SMC compound using the
same technology to keep the water quality same throughout the
entire life time of tank.
• Specially designed roof support plate and top anchor can be bolted
to the roof panels to provide maximum internal strength.
• Design of the bottom anchor helps itself to anchor properly in
between panels.
• Both top anchor and bottom anchor are designed to hold the solid
uPVC pipes, so strongly that the whole assembly can make a rigid

Galvanized “C” channels

Used to ensure the equal pressure distribution of bolts and nuts to panel joints.
• Made in factory itself makes it uniform in dimensions.

GRP corner angle

• Side to side joints are made with hot pressed GRP corner angle.
• Using the same SMC compound.
• More compatible and best suitable with the tank as its having same material
properties as tank.

Nut bolts

• All nut bolts used inside tank are of SS316.
• All nut bolts used outside tank are hot dip galvenized type or thermoplating.
• All nut bolts used for flanges are of SS 316, with rubber cap.

Manhole cover

• With a access diameter of 63mm.
• Material of construction is GRP (SMC).
• Provided hinged cover for easy access.
• Made using the same resin and same grade fibre.
• Fire reisistant.
• All hinges are made from GRP (SMC) compound.
• Provided with gasket for tight sealing.
• All nut bolts used are SS 316.

Air vents

• Using both GRP and uPVC.
• Screened to prevent from insects.

G.R.P. insulated panels

• Made on demand.
• Medium density PU foam layer.
• Sandwich structure as in fig.
• Thermal conductivity in < 0.02 Kcal/m.hc°.